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Experience with a sense of agency
without existing on “the spot”

Human beings are living in their limited places
which are constrained by their physical and social conditions.
As a means of releasing themselves from these restrictions,
it has been utilized to create an activity in a fantasy world
by reading books, enjoying movies and shows, and utilizing virtual contents to enjoy it.

We, Re-al, have utilized our specialty of “Real Haptics Technology”
and have been working on how to realize “a sense of agency” which make you feel that
you are doing an action by yourself on “the spot” even if you are not on “the spot.”

The first of these outcomes is the fishing robot business.
We are developing a system that allows you, anglers, to have a vivid experience of “fishing”
in the sea or mountain stream even if you are not on “the spot.”

And, “the spot” does not have to be real space.
By converting the pulling force of the real fish into data and letting the virtual fish remember it,
you can enjoy fishing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in a virtual space when you want to fish.
A fishing expert who skillfully manipulates a rod in the sea or mountain stream
can also bring those skills to the virtual space.
Even if you have weakness or physical handicap,
you can also overcome it and easily enjoy a more immersive fishing experience.

Through the development of the first fishing robot system,
it has been accumulated technologies to connect on “the spot” as the philosophy
that expresses not only haptic sensation but also video and audio.
In the future, we will utilize these technologies and the philosophy to develop our business in various fields.


Contribute to people's happiness
by remote / virtual communication
with a sense of agency


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